Products and Services

We represent many of the vacuum industry leaders through JB Technical.

Vacuum pumps & components

Brooks Automation - CTI CRYOGENCS Vacuum Pumps and POLYCOLD Closed Loop Gas Chillers for cryo-pumping large volume water vapor loads. 


INFICON - Full line of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges, Pirani Gauges, Hot Cathode Gauges and Controllers.  MPS/MPH Transpector Residual Gas Analyzers, UL 1000 Helium Leak Detectors, Arc Detection Sensors.


KYOCERA - High vacuum Electrical Feed-throughs custom and standard Coaxial, BNC, SHV, MHV and additional custom configurations.




NOR-CAL - Full line of standard vacuum flanges and fittings, KF, ISO, ConFlat, full line of vacuum valves, Process Control Valves, Pendulum Valves, Custom Vacuum Valves and Custom Chambers.

Plasma RIE & PECVD Process Equipment

Plasma-Therm - VERSALINE modular platform for R&D and production systems for RIE, PECVD,

DRIE and ICP plasma processing.  MASK ETCHER for advanced ICP dry etching of photo masks.  LAPECVD for high throughput PECVD.  System 790 industry standards for manual and load-locked single wafer and batch processes for RIE and PECVD applications.

New APEX Series, RIE, ICP and PECVD designed for R&D and university markets.

Ion Beam Deposition & Etch Systems

4 WAVE, INC. - Design and manufacturer of R&D and Cluster tools for Ion Beam Deposition for highly uniform nano-layers and Ion Beam Etching and Milling applications. LIBE, LISE & LIME etch systems and 4W-LANS alloy nanolayer sputter systems.  Biased Target Deposition available. Custom Thin Film services also available to customer specifications and substrates.  Full Metrology lab to assist in customer process development.

Ion Sources

Kaufman & Robinson - Filament & Filament-Less End Hall Ion Sources.  Low energy (300 eV) beams for damage free processing.  Power supplies with process monitoring provided to support all sources sizes and requirments.  RF & DC Gridded Ion Sources for etching and sputter deposition processes.

Sputter guns & evaporative sources & controllers

MeiVac, Inc. - MAK Series RF & DC Sputtering sources and power supplies.  EVAP Series of Single & Multipocket E-Beam sources, E-Beam power supplies & E-Beam sweep controllers.

Wet Process

MicroTech Systems - Fully Automated, Semi-Automated & Manual wet process stations for etch, surface prep and substrate cleans.  Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems.  General Cleanroom Cabinets and Cleanroom custom components.

Gas Analysis


INFICON - Transpector MPS & MPH Series Residual Gas Analyzers.  RF & DC Arc Detection Sensors.  Binary Gas Concentration Monitors.

Thin Film Quartz Crystal Monitors and Controller

Industry leader in Quartz Crystal Monitors and Controllers for thin film deposition control.  Provider for all sensor heads, quartz crystals and accessories.

Helium Leak Detectors

UL 1000 for high sensitivity mobile Helium leak detection and UL 1000 FAB for clean room leak detection requirements.

CHLD system for ultra high leak detection for hermetically sealed packaging.

Cryogenic Research Systems

Below 4K to 1000K closed cycle Helium cryostats with custom interfaces for various experiments.  Open cycle designs available.  Stinger Systems design provides a mobile closed cycle cryostat system below 4K to 1000K designed to replace LH2 Systems.