What We Do

JB Technical was formed as a Manufacturers Representative and Distribution company in March 2004. The primary focus of JB Technical is to provide performance based leading edge process technologies to the high tech market sector.  The technologies focus upon front-end IC fabrication such as thin film deposition plasma etch and wet processing, metrology among others.  JB Technical also provides distribution services to support the everyday facilities needs of its customers.  This includes high vacuum components and vacuum pumping systems.

Our Mission

Always strive to create customer value, period.  We do this by providing the absolute latest in process and support technologies from the companies we represent.

What We've Achieved

  • Provided vacuum pumping systems and support for space simulation chambers for aerospace satellite projects.
  • Cryogenic systems for cooling CCD arrays for optical and radio telescopes.
  • Cryogenic systems for cooling optical spectrometers for high magnetic pulsed power experiments.
  • Provided automated wet chemical process systems for production of III-V MEMS devices.